42 is live

It took us almost one year to get here. Making big plans in small rooms. And step by step, bit by bit, we ventured out into the world with them.

When we started making 42, Brexit was still fresh. When we conducted our first interviews, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. When we gathered our teams, 12 people died at the Breitscheidplatz in Berlin in an Islamist terrorist attack. The list goes on – with groundbreaking elections, with terror, with global political upheavals.

These times are crying out for someone to report on them. And we are happy to contribute to the debate from now on.

Today we present to you, tired-eyed but immensely proud, our first forty-two edition. Ten academics, spread out over Europe and Canada, have talked to us about terrorism. About its origins, its logic and about us and how we deal with it. We have discussed its rhetorical devices and media strategies, the strategies that our governments use to deal with it, its religious and social roots. And we would like to sincerely invite you to explore all of these perspectives with us today.

We are happy that you’re here for the premiere! Enjoy the first edition!

The 42-Team